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Proving The Existence Of God, My Conclusion

Does God really exists?  It is a question by most in this day in age.  It is now a very controversial debate, because while some are so sure that God exists, others would just deny His existence because by their way of thinking that the evidence of there being one is absent. 

What do you think? Do you come to a conclusion that God made the Universe as the Bible says, or do you discard the Bible being true, and believe science which states that everything evolved over billions of years?

Personally I believe in God, and I have my reasons for my belief.  I was born in a Catholic family.  Not much of a big deal I think, I remember when I was a young boy, my grandmother used to say to me: "You must overcome the bad things you do by doing good things like going to church".  So at least on Sunday morning I would attend church and try to learn something good.  Any Sunday that I did not go to church, I would feel bad. Like I had disappointed God in some way.  I felt that my conscience would tell me so.

Later on in my life I went to a Christian church.  The Bible was not a book I would be interested in reading anytime.  But in the Christian church I went, reading some verses of the bible then having a teacher explain the verses to us (we were a bunch of students) made sense.  Nobody comes to this world knowing anything, so we need teachers to teach us.  I then started reading the Bible outside of church.  I then see, what I could not before.

Really, it took me about 15 years to know that the Bible is the word of God; That Jesus is the Lord.  That everything we see, and even everything we don't see is clue that God created everything (The heavens are sounding the glory of God; the arch of the sky makes clear the work of his hands. - Psalms 19:1). Do not go far trying to find God, when He is so close to His creation.  Delusional might atheist say?  Ha! Well, let me be then!  See, I have realized that life on earth is not coincidental, we are not here by mere chance.  God had a purpose when he created the human race.  His purpose was to have a family of his own.  To have communication with His children.

Faith is a word that Atheist refute.  God requires us to have faith.  While the clues to God's existence is there in His creation of the Universe.  I think that faith is sometimes needed to validate the this point.  God will not visually show himself in the sky to the human race just to prove the point that he exists. Then, faith would not be required at all.  God wants us to have it, and not for the solely purpose of His existence, but to do works too.

Do you ever wonder about this:  Something had to create everything, because nothing can't create anything.  Zero will always equal zero.  Nothing can't create something.  A house had an architect, a painting had a painter, a car had an engineer, anything man-made we can think of, had a designer. Equally, the Universe had also a designer.

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