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Psalms 132


A Song of the going up.
Lord, give thought to David, and to all his troubles;


How he made an oath to the Lord, and gave his word to the great God of Jacob, saying,


Truly, I will not come into my house, or go to my bed,


I will not give sleep to my eyes, or rest to my eyeballs,


Till I have got a place for the Lord, a resting-place for the great God of Jacob.


We had news of it at Ephrathah: we came to it in the fields of the wood.


Let us go into his tent; let us give worship at his feet.


Come back, O Lord, to your resting-place; you and the ark of your strength.


Let your priests be clothed with righteousness; and let your saints give cries of joy.


Because of your servant David, do not give up your king.


The Lord gave a true oath to David, which he will not take back, saying, I will give your kingdom to the fruit of your body.


If your children keep my word, and the teachings which I will give them, their children will be rulers of your kingdom for ever.


For the Lord's heart is on Zion, desiring it for his resting-place.


This is my rest for ever: here will I ever be; for this is my desire.


My blessing will be on her food; and her poor will be full of bread.


Her priests will be clothed with salvation; and her saints will give cries of joy.


There I will make the horn of David fertile: I have made ready a light for my king.


His haters will be clothed with shame; but I will make his crown shining.

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